This group is leaded by Mr. Vasudev S. Kulkarni and concerned with the study and preservation of japanese swords, katana, daito, Iaito, wakizashi, tanto, sword art.

Benefits of membership include

Study how to use Japanese sword.

Study the care and preservation of Japanese sword.

Study the etiquettes of Japanese sword.

Study the various types of Japanese sword.

Study about the specific Japanese blades and sword fittings.

Lending library for sword related books and videos.

Buy and sell facility of Japanese sword.

Opportunity to communicate with many collectors of Japanese swords in india.

Sword shows and exhibitions which might be of interest to our members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at katori222000@yahoo.com or vileparle mumbai at our Hombu dojo.

thank you

Hizen Tadayoshi Sword -
If you have a Hizen Tadayoshi Sword please send me an Oshigata and similarly if you are intend to sell a Hizen Tadayoshi Sword , please Consider me.