Koryu budo may be translated as "Classical martial way." koryu bujutsu or koryu budo is the term used in Japan to refer to the classical martial tradition or classical martial way.

In koryu budo the relationship between student and teacher is the core of both the social structure and technical transmission. The key element in koryu budo is to be able to effective defend yourself in any kind of life threatening situations. The classical ryu will not accept any student unless he process and displays a deep respect for the Japanese beliefs and customs of the past.

The training of koryu budo is done through application rather than form work. Members are trained to react and to respond effectively and dynamically to evade, escape or if necessary to disable the assailant.

The calssical Budo believed that technique and even seishin tanren were not enough if the student did not have the stamina and physical conditioning to sustain and extended combative exchange. The Victory is depending on your level and which school you are studying, strikes are targeted at nerves, muscle and bone areas therefore, even a smaller sized person can learn to take down a larger sized person.

The classical Traditions did not specialize in one weapon or type of combat. The use of the various weapons and martial systems were interrelated and integrated through a core set of principles call heiho.This heiho was, and is still, handed down from the founder through each headmaster.

The Tradition Includes: -

Iaijutsu (The art of the sword)
KenJutsu (Fencing)
BoJutsu(Fighting with long stick)
Naginata Jutsu (Fighting with a halberd)
So Jutsu ( Fighting with a spear)
Jujutsu (Unarmed Combat)
Shuriken Jutsu ( Art of blade throwing)
Ninjutsu( Threat of espionage)
Senjutsu (Tactics)

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